Real Estate Specialist

Employer:Megaworld Real estate
Job Title: Real Estate Specialist
Location: Doha, Qatar
Job Type:Full Time Employee
  • Intermediate negotiation processes of lease, consult clients on market conditions, prices, legal requirements and related matters, ensuring a fair and honest dealing
  • Compile comprehensive lists of available properties, including details such as location, features, and square footage, for leasing purposes.
  • Create and maintain lists of leasing properties, providing accurate and detailed information on their location, features, and square footage.
  • Analyze the real estate market to develop a competitive pricing strategy for properties.
  • Excellent communication skills, along with a confident persuasive personality
  • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate effectively and persuade others.
  • Keep abreast of real estate market developments and industry best practices;
  • Able to communicate effectively and confidently persuade others, with strong interpersonal skills.
  • Experience:Min: 1

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