Chartered Accountant

Employer:Accounting Baba
Job Title: Chartered Accountant
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Job Type:Full Time Employee
Category:Accounting and Auditing
  • Monitor and review accounting and related system reports for accuracy and completeness.
  • Facilitate a swift monthly closure by computing essential factors like tax returns, fixed assets, and ledger data.
  • Handle the annual external audit responsibilities of the company.
  • Handle monthly, quarterly and annual closings.
  • Follow standard business and finance protocols to disclose the organization’s financial reports regularly.
  • Ensure arrant guidance and regulation by implementing financial policies in every facet of the company’s fiscal activities.
  • Pertinent educational qualification in the field of Commerce, Finance, and Economics.
  • Apt in handling financial tasks like budgeting, planning, and calculating variance which reduces business expenses.
  • Proven command of negotiation skills to build long-lasting partnerships with clients.
  • An analytical personality, apt in understanding data by investigating the interplay between various information.
  • Ability to prepare detailed and accurate reports within the given timeframe as per requirements.
  • Ability to handle relevant software like Microsoft Suite for efficient preparation of reports and statements.
  • Salary:$2,000 – $3,000

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