Real Estate Sales Manager

Job Title: Real Estate Sales Manager
Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Job Type:Full Time Employee
  • Participates in the development of key objectives, sales plans and policies in collaboration with senior management
  • Lay out the general policies of the sales department, and sets the procedures in cooperation with other departments.
  • Supervises the preparation and implementation of promotion plans, advertising and sales offers in coordination with senior management
  • Analyzes the results of evaluating market reactions to advertising methods, with a view to reviewing the marketing variables and competitive strategies.
  • Establish a comprehensive database about the markets and competitors, and all related to the products, prices and marketing plans of competitors, geographical areas and their distribution and analysis of the data collected.
  • Supervises the search of new clients and strengthening the relationships with existing one.
  • Oversees on identifying the suitable sales areas, and dividing the market into sectors, to benefit from the largest number of customers as possible.
  • Participates in selecting and training the marketing and sales staff, and identifying their needs.
  • Monitor and evaluate the performance of marketing and sales staff and improve their skills.
  • Holds regular meetings for marketing and sales staff to discuss the business process and the possibility to implement the plan agreed on.
  • Ensures effective control over marketing activities and corrective actions that ensure the achievement of marketing objectives in accordance with the plan.
  • Prepares periodic reports on Sales Department works, including all the achievements, obstacles and solutions proposed for the development of work and performance and submitted to the General manger.
  • Carry out similar duties that may fall under his responsibility
Education:Bachelor's degree / higher diploma
Experience:Min: 7

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