Senior Finance Manager

Job Title: Senior Finance Manager
Location: Jeddah , Saudi Arabia
Job Type:Full Time Employee
Category:Accounting and Auditing
Description: Manage Accounting and Finance functions, provide support to Department Head and work with the Finance team in key initiatives & projects ; Develop and direct the implementation of accounting policies, programs and systems to manage the company’s financial assets and provide complete and accurate financial information and records as basis in decision making.
  • Directing the implementation of accounting policies and systems that contribute to the long-term business requirements based on business strategies of the company to minimize expenses and increase revenues.
  • Analyse and evaluate revenues, liabilities, credit conditions, and other financial indicators to forecast its short, medium, and long-term cash flow position to recommend investments, funding sources, and other financial instruments that will meet cash flow needs of the company.
  • Analyze, review and reconcile reports comprising of auditor and financial analysis reports, profit and loss statements, balance sheets and regulatory reports and prepare consolidated monthly financial report.
  • Reviewing annual budget including capital expenditure through assessment of project feasibilities before investment made to safeguard the finances of the company.
  • Responsible for all areas of insurance such as insurance type, amount and renewals, etc.;
  • Finalisation of accounts with external auditors
  • Perform regular communication and coordination with other departments to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of the interdepartmental operations and activities.
  • Evaluate and discuss the performance of the accounts and finance employees and recommend the needed training for the improvement of the skills to meet the company’s current and future (in line with strategic direction) needs and requirements.
  • Lead and train the finance team on the use of the systems to expedite business transactions and processes
  • Regular analysis of business performance measurement parameters/criteria against the budget for review of FD & MD. Recommend action(s) if required to improve the situation.
  • Responsible for reviewing the organisation’s financial reports to ensure that it was accurately prepared and smartly designed in accordance with the generally accepted accounting and auditing principles.
  • Prepare and review the “Standard Accounting Manual” for the organization and ensure that all activities and transactions carried out in compliance with the set guidelines and processes to meet the objectives. Manage and implement systems of comprehensive internal control.
  • Manage compliance and quality reviews and ensure that supporting requirements, if any, fulfilled in every business transactions.
  • Mentor and develop employees and ensure to provide opportunities for development and that career paths and succession plans are charted out through a Succession/ Progression Development Interventions.
  • Oversee the preparation of employee incentive schemes and its regular review.
Education:Bachelor's degree / higher diploma
Experience:Min: 7 Max: 0

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