IT Help Desk

Job Title:IT Help Desk
Employer:Amer Vision Group
Experience:1 to 3
Education:Bachelor’s Degree
Location:Cairo, Egypt
Category:IT/Software Development, Engineering – Telecom/Technology
  • Assistance in evaluating the automated systems and devices used and identifying the technical and technical needs of the company’s various departments in terms of software, hardware and any other needs related to information technology.
  •  Execute the activities of developing computer information systems for the various activities and procedures in the company.
  • Implementation of emergency plans to save and retrieve information, ensure backup copies of data, implement plans that control access to the network and systems, and follow up on their implementation to ensure that all employees comply with them.
  •  Work on building electronic knowledge among the various departments of the company and provide the necessary support and advice to all employees on the devices and systems used.
  • Training device users in the company on how to deal with computers in the field of ready-made software, according to the training programs set and setting instructions for operating and using the programs.
  • Implementing a safety system for the information network within the company and working on updating it, and ensuring its effectiveness to reduce possible piracy operations and to maintain the confidentiality of important information and data stored and those transmitted between different departments, and to maintain the integrity of the automated system and information network from viruses, damage or various malfunctions, and work to address them .
  • Opening a new user account on the company’s information network, opening an e-mail address for him, and canceling the account on the internal information network and the e-mail of the resigned employees.
  • Make backup copies of the data entered on the database according to a specific schedule, maintain the databases and address any problems that may arise in them and in the servers and work to restart them and ensure the strength of their performance and speed.
  • Educational background (Bachelor of Computer Engineering information technology or equivalent).
    The ability to withstand work pressures and developments
  • Accuracy of work and attention to detail
  • Cooperation and teamwork
  • Continuous learning and initiative spirit
  • Coordination and follow-up
  • Communication skills and dealing with others
  • Discipline and adherence to regulations and instructions
  • Very good command in English
  • Use of information technology

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