Job Title: Accountant
Location: Al Kuwait, Kuwait
Job Type:Full Time Employee
Category:Accounting and Auditing
  • Evaluate financial statements to streamline your daily processes.
  • Maintain accurate month-end records by examining all financial statements.
  • Assist the independent auditor in conducting an annual evaluation of company records.
  • Prepare accurate reports on all the financial closing statements of the company.
  • Analyze reconciling bank statements, and monitor company finances to issue accurate and insightful reports within defined deadlines.
  • Comply with financial policies and regulations.
  • Bachelor of accounting, Finance or relevant degree.
  • Apt in handling financial tasks like budgeting, planning, and calculating variance which reduces business expenses.
  • Ability to interact with the company’s management and other departments in a clear and concise manner.
  • A keen eye for minute details coupled with an instant ability to make sound decisions.
  • Presenting an in-depth analysis of the company’s financial statements through concise reports.
  • Proficient use of Microsoft Office and its applications.

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