Medical Doctor

Job Title:Medical Doctor
Education:Bachelor’s Degree
Location:Cairo, Egypt

The duties of a medical doctor include consulting with patients and determining skin ailments, prescribing medication, undertaking skin therapy treatment, or performing non-intrusive surgery. 

Your tasks will be : 

  • Assist in Medical and dermatological treatments
  • Perform customer service and sales duties
  • Complete training will be offered to the candidate.
  • Experience is a MUST!
  • Pharmacy/ Physical Therapy/
  • People skills: An ability to interact well with others, and to be pleasant and friendly even under trying circumstances, can be invaluable.
  • Think outside the box: Creativity and a willingness to adapt to new trends can be important.
  • Be a good listener: People like to talk about themselves when they have time on their hands, such as when they’re sitting still while you tend to them. You’ll want to be able to provide appropriate feedback.
  • Physical stamina: You’ll spend a lot of time on your feet.
  • Tidiness: This doesn’t mean just your work station. Personal tidiness is very important as well. Remember, you’re an example of your own work.

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