Quality Assurance Technical Analyst

Employer:Saudi Petroleum Services Polytechnic
Job Title: Quality Assurance Technical Analyst
Location: Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Job Type:Full Time Employee
1. Develop and establish quality assurance measures and standards for training services. 
  2. Prepare reports. 
 3. Provide recommendations, or alternatives that address existing and potential deficient areas in training. 
  4. Liaise with training in assessing training materials when purchasing or adopting. 
 5. Conduct reviews to assess conformance with established QA standards for training and related equipment and facilities. 
6. Verify and revise quality assurance standards as needed. 
 7. Observe classes to ensure curriculum and delivery are meeting set standards, methodologies and practices 
8. Make recommendations for improvement of training processes and related services.  
 9. Promote awareness and knowledge of quality assurance best practices. 
 10. Perform other duties as required. 
Qualifications:1. Attention to detail 
2. Time management 
3. Problem-solving 
4. Multitasking 
5. Written and verbal communication 
6. Ability to work as part of a team
7. Knowledge of quality standards
8.Certification in Auditing or Quality Management System is preferable
Education:Master's degree
Experience:Min: 3 Max: 5

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