workshop / Art Teacher

Employer:IVY International School
Job Title: workshop / Art Teacher
Location: Maadi, Cairo , Egypt
Job Type:Unspecified
Category:Teaching and Academics
Description: Teach knowledge and skills in art, including drawing, painting, lettering, and art history,  Instruct students in citizenship and basic subject matter specified in state law and administrative regulations and procedures of the school  Provide instruction by which students develop aesthetic concepts and appreciations and the ability to make qualitative judgments about art  Demonstrate techniques in activities such as drawing and painting  Understand the versatility of acrylic paints: dry brushing, staining, layering, underpainting, monoprinting  Understand a variety of “masters” techniques  Knows and can apply elements of design and modern principles of art
Qualifications:Two years’ work experience as an Art Teacher. Minimum Education Requirements / Certification  Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts  Master’s degree in Fine Arts preferred.
Experience:Min: 2

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