Restaurant Hostess

Employer:Power International Holding
Job Title: Restaurant Hostess
Location: Doha, Qatar
Job Type:Unspecified
Category:Hospitality and Tourism
Description: Job SummaryWelcomes and seats customers, checks reservations, manages the wait list when the restaurant is busy, and ensures that all parties are seated evenly across the restaurant, so no server is overloaded with work.
Job Roles & Responsibilities
  • Welcoming guests to the venue
  • Providing accurate wait times and monitoring waiting lists
  • Managing reservations

Additional Job Roles & Responsibilities
  • Customer and Personal Service – Knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer and personal services.
 Additional Job Roles and Responsibilities (Cont.2)1. Warmly and graciously greet all guests upon arrival and departure and assist them through the restaurant.2. Collect customer reservations and practice space management in order to optimize the seating capacity of the restaurant.3. Manage the waiting list for walk-ins.4. Provide information to guests regarding set menus.5. Handle guest special requests and complaints and reporting them to the leaders.6.Maintain high personal appearance and hygiene standards (hair well-kept and groomed; light and natural make-up; light colors polish; uniform clean, ironed and well-maintained; rocky black shoes)
Qualifications:Job Knowledge
  • Strong organizational skills with the ability to monitor the entire dining and bar area
  • Excellent communication skills (via phone and in-person)

Job Experience
  • Total   3 year(s) On Job     1 year(s) GCC    1 year(s)
  • High School Diploma in any Related Technical Certificates

Education:Certification / diploma
Experience:Min: 1

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