Soft Serve Chef/Ice cream Chef

Employer:Light Field Food Stuff Co
Job Title: Soft Serve Chef/Ice cream Chef
Location: Al Kuwait, Kuwait
Job Type:Full Time Employee
Category:Hospitality and Tourism
Description: ·        Develops recipes for soft serve from scratch,·        Creative person with passions for ice cream development.·        Mixes, cooks, and freezes ingredients to make frozen desserts, such as sherbets, ice cream, and custards.·        Measures and cooks ingredients for frozen desserts, according to recipes.·        Pours mixed ingredients into freezing machine reservoir and starts machine to churn and freeze ingredients.·        Removes frozen dessert mixture from the machine.·        Stores frozen desserts in a refrigerated room or refrigerator. Mixes and cooks sauces and syrups for use with frozen desserts.
Qualifications:·        Relevant experience of up to 5 years in the same field.·        Soft serve / Ice cream background·        Experience with soft serve machines and recipes·        Excellent verbal and written communication skills.·        Good Cooking Skills ·        Ability to delegate appropriately.·        Strong Understanding of HACCP. 
Experience:Min: 5 Max: 7

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