Sales Manager

Employer:EATC (VolksWagen & Audi Egypt)
Job Title: Sales Manager
Job Type: Full Time
Location: New Cairo, Cairo
Category: Sales/Retail

The role purpose is to be responsible for the development and performance of all sales activities in assigned market. Staffs and directs a sales team and provides leadership towards the achievement of maximum profitability and growth in line with company vision and values. Establishes plans and strategies to expand the customer base in the marketing area

  1. Responsible of all sales activities, departments and personnel involved in Sales for the Company.
  2. Provide leadership to the day-to-day operations of the sales department, while maintaining focus on the company’s strategic goals.
  3. Analyze sales statistics to determine business growth potential.
  4. Establishe performance goals for all sales department employees, and monitors performance on a continual basis.
  5. Oversee all hiring, training and firing of personnel involved in Sales and Marketing.
  6. Develop, or participate with the Sales Staff, in the development of the Strategic Marketing Plan for the Company.
  7. Direct department(s) to achieve objectives established in the Company’s Strategic Plan.
  8. Coordinate sales operations with all other departments/divisions of the Company
  9. Develop and/or maintain and improve business relations with all customers of the Company.
  10. Seek out and target new customers and new sales opportunities, initiate action plan to approach and secure new business for the Company.
  11. Develop and implement an effective strategic sales plan.
  12. Lead and influence a successful and experienced team of Sales managers
  13. Monitor, analyze sales and market trends.
  14. Responsible for managing and controlling the sales budget
  15. Responsible for driving revenue and use learning’s from that experience to refine sales processes and to build an appropriate team;
Experience: 6 to 8 years
Salary: Confidential

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