Assistant Professor of Biochemistry

Employer:Batterjee Medical College
Job Title: Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
Location: Jeddah , Saudi Arabia
Job Type:Full Time Employee
Category:Teaching and Academics
  • The assistant professor biochemistry teaches the students the science in such a way that they might understand it properly for their further use
  • He is responsible for conducting experiments that might help in explaining the complex things related to the subject
  • The assistant professor biochemistry advises the students the importance of the subject and what stream of biochemistry should be chosen by them to achieve utmost success. He also council the students as to what kind of job should be chosen by them
  • The assistant professor biochemistry helps in the recruitment of the staff. He makes it a point that who so ever is appointed is highly qualified for the job and should be able to able to teach the students properly

  • PHD Holder of Biochemistry , preferred to have a Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery
  • The assistant professor biochemistry should be exceptionally good in communication skills so that he can teach the students effectively and authentically. The assistant professor biochemistry is required to give lectures in the classes so as to make them understand the complex information
  • He should be an active listener. He should listen to the views, comments, queries and problems of the students so that they can be solved. If the problems are solved then only he can proceed properly with his teaching
  • The assistant professor biochemistry should be a good decision maker. He is required to make right decisions at the right time. He should know the cost of the experiments he is going to perform and should make sure that those experiments do not do any harm to the organization
  • He is required to be aware of the newest researches that are taking place in the field of biochemistry so that the information can be given to the students effectively
  • The assistant professor biochemistry should have the ability to monitor the work of the others so as to improve their work effectively

Experience:Min: 3

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