Public Administration Reform Lead

Employer:DAI Global LLC
Job Title:Public Administration Reform Lead
Category:Administration, Economy

In the area of advice, steering and quality assurance

Provides technical advice and recommendations to the objective’s counterparts in the field of administrative reform in line with the objective’s work plan;

Conceptualizes, designs and implements his/her designated areas of the objective’s work plan in consultation with the Public Administration Reform Lead;

Set-up quality assurance criteria for the deliverables of service providers and ensures the quality of the deliverables through providing regular input and contribution to the deliverables;

Suggests, manages and implements events with the counterparts (workshops, conferences, webinars, sessions) as part of the Specialist’s assigned areas in close coordination with EGA’s capacity building department;

Develops scopes of work for local and international consultants who will be supporting the project to implement the agreed upon activities with the counterparts. The Specialist will also be responsible to monitor and follow up on contractual arrangements in coordination with the Program Tendering and Contracting Manager and/or Administrative and Financial staff of EGA;

Steers and coordinates the relationship between service providers and the objective’s counterparts and ensures a proper and efficient flow of information.

Reviews and updates training materials/curricula as applicable.

Conducts research and prepares presentations on various topics related to public administration reform.

In the area of cooperation, networking and coordination  

Sustains good relations with the objective’s counterparts through establishing regular dialogues and contacts;

Participates in different internal communication constellations which aim at ensuring synergies and complementarities between different objectives of EGA;

Contributes to laying out the stakeholder map and analysis of the objective and EGA in cooperation with the team and the Public Administration Reform Lead;

Networks and communicates with relevant stakeholders active in the eco-system of the objective in agreement with the Public Administration Reform Lead;

Communicates effectively and clearly the outputs of the work with other team members and encourages sharing ideas and knowledge;

Coordinates the implementation of different activities in agreement with the Public Administration Reform Lead;

Coordinates with the Private Sector Engagement Advisor, the Women’s Empowerment Director, Capacity Building Director and other EGA staff as necessary.    

Documentation, Reporting, Monitoring and Evaluation and Knowledge Management

Supports the drafting of the work plan and takes part in setting up the related processes

      internally with EGA team and with the counterparts;

Drafts different project documents such as: concept notes, briefs, reports, policy briefs, action plans, etc. and submits them to the Public Administration Reform Lead for approval;

Supports the Public Administration Lead in drafting the quarterly and annual reports of the objective;

Provides the necessary and accurate information and data to the colleagues responsible for M&E in EGA and provides the necessary support for M&E purposes;

Ensures the use of different knowledge management tools to share, document and transfer knowledge within EGA;

Remains regularly updated about the status of Governance in Egypt with a special focus on Administrative Reform and ensures knowledge sharing with other colleagues of EGA;

Other tasks

Performs any additional tasks as requested by the Public Administration Lead and EGA Management relevant to the objective of public administration reform.


Bachelor’s degree in political science, public administration, economics or a related field;

A relevant post graduate degree (MSc, MA, PhD) in governance, development, political science, public administration, or a related field preferred;

Ability to conceptualize, conduct research and articulate arguments and recommendations;

Good presentation, facilitation and moderation skills;

Ability to deliver under pressure and multi-task;

Good communication skills;

Familiarity with the public sector in Egypt and acquaintance with the landscape of civil society organizations, private sector and service providers;

Ability to scope requests, accommodate interests and integrate different ideas and feedbacks;

Positive spirit and strong sense of cooperation and good team player;

Ability to provide positive feedback to different stakeholders;

Results-oriented and problem-solving skills;

Fluency in written and spoken English and Arabic.

Professional experience

At least 8 – 10 years years of professional experience required, including significant professional experience in the fields of governance and public administration either with the government or other development partners preferred;

Previous experience with project management, change management and organizational development;

Previous experience in managing networks and/or stakeholders.


Ability to travel inside Egypt;

Flexibility to be assigned additional tasks or provide support to other colleagues.

Languages:Arabic(Excellent), English(Excellent)
Experience:10 – 15

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