Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Veterinary Nurse (ممرض بيطري)

Employer:International Animal Care.
Job Title:Veterinary Nurse (ممرض بيطري)
Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Job Type:Full Time Employee
Category:Veterinary, Nursing
Description: Exam & Treatment
• Properly restrain and stabilize animals during examination and treatment; know how to restrain fractious patients
• Take and record vital signs of animals including temperature, pulse, and respiration
• Trim nails and perform other routine procedures as required.
• Teach clients how to administer medication at home
• Prepare and label medication to be sent home with the patient
• Initiate emergency procedures
• Clean, organize, and restock exam rooms
• Perform other duties as assigned
Laboratory & Radiology
• Prepare samples for outside laboratory analysis
• Collect blood, stool, urine and other samples
• Perform routine laboratory procedures and analyses
• Maintain and use medical equipment ……. and autoclave
• Take and develop radiographs.
• Perform other duties as assigned
• Prepare surgical packs
• Prepare animals for surgery
• Monitor patients under anesthesia
• Assist veterinarian in surgical procedures using proper aseptic technique
• Induce anesthesia and intubate patient
• Perform dental cleanings
• Perform catheterization; urinary and venous
• Perform routine procedures such as wound cleaning, bandaging, …etc.
• Perform other duties as assigned
• Maintain patient records and billing info
• Administer treatments and injections following the instructions of a doctor or a treatment form
• Monitor daily patient progress as directed by the vet
• Feed, bathe, and walk animals as applicable
• Discharge animals as directed by the vet
• Prepare and label medication to be sent home with the patient upon discharge
• Perform other duties as assigned
Qualifications:• Vet Nurse (Minimum 3-5 years’ experience in small animals)
• Completing from 2 or 4 years program in Veterinary College for nurses.
• Registered Vet Nurse
• Experience in animal clinics or laboratories.
• Professional with a very good communication skills
• Can work well under pressure and rotational shifts
Education:Certification / diploma
Experience:Min: 3

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