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Restaurant Manager

Employer:Meshaal Alshatti & Partner
Job Title:Restaurant Manager
Location: Al Kuwait, Kuwait
Job Type:Full Time Employee
Description: Role
Provides overall supervision of the outlet and service, advises management on all guests' comments and complaints, arranges table reservations, greets and escorts guests, schedules staff duties according to forecasts and special wants, gives continuous training to staff, maintains personalized services to guests, liaises with the Executive Chef in menu preparation
  • Conveys his guests comments on the outlet and food service and the operation of his outlets in the logbook

  • Briefs his staff daily, discuss with them, inform them about any special events, etc...

  • Responsible for the scheduling of his staff, attendance sheet, proper set-up, good service in his outlet, and ensure that good hygienic standards in service areas are always maintained.

  • Checks up the restaurant situation, set up, equipment’s and maintenance, and makes sure of the proper appearance of his staff.

  • Control store requisition.

  • Assigns and supervises all duties and responsibilities of his staff, checking the furniture of his restaurant, music, lighting, temperature, electrical appliance.

  • Maintain an accurate reservation system to advise the chef of the numbers of special requests and reservations.

  • Assists in planning of new menus, promotions, marketing issues and concern, balance and monitor profit and loss statement report and make training to his staff to as per the standard operating procedure.

  • Try to increase sales through guest contact.

  • Control small operating equipment’s in the outlet

  • Reports to Area Manager for all Administration duties

B. Communication
  • Attends every morning the briefing as well as the food and beverage meeting and others required by management.

  • Makes good relations with his staff, kitchen, and other outlets.

  • Make sure that his outlet is properly staffed at all times, and to be responsible for the staff administration like holidays, cooperation, etc...

  • Coordinates with other outlets and Personnel departments for ensuring that policies and procedures are followed on matters like discipline, grievance handling, transfer, job description, etc...

  • Maintains a high standard staff, professional, good and tries to develop them.

  • Identifies training needs and takes appropriate actions.  Organizes training sessions and communication meeting on a regular basis, as well as on-the-job training liaising with Operations and Training Managers.

  • Ensures that the staff are aware of and comply with fire, hygiene, health and safety regulations

  • Performs any other duties assigned by the General Manager

  • Keeps smiling and adopts positive attitudes and principles, it is the key of success.

  • Forecast sales, covers

  • Maintain an accurate reservation system to advise the Chef of the number of special requests and reservations

  • Ensures that good hygienic standards in service areas are always maintained, and all furniture and equipment’s are kept clean and in good conditions

  • Review the work of subordinates to make sure that the establishment procedures and policies are followed

  • Plan and execute training programs regularly

  • Provide tableside service as required by particular items on menu

  • Promotes sales through guest contact

  • Handle guest complaints and comments

  • The system of check control is issued to Captain  and Waiters

  • Menu items and menu planning in liaison with the Executive Chef

  • Basic techniques in food and beverage service

  • Sanitation and hygiene standards for the restaurant operation

  • Must be fluent in English

  • Different types of food service

All Day Service :
- Staff attendance
- Room set-up
- Service
- Assign stations
Administration Duties :
- Report to Operations Manager
- Work program – training
- Log book
Meeting with Chef of Outlets
- Discuss food situation
- Service difficulties
- VIP's
- Special guest requests
  • To understand and strictly adhere to the Rules & Regulations established in the Employees Handbook and the company policy on Fire, Hygiene, Health and Safety.

  • To be punctual on duty, wearing the correct uniform and name tag at all times.

  • To maintain high standard quality of work at all times.

  • To maintain good rapport and working relationship with co-employee and superior.

  • To attend and participate in staff meetings, departmental and restaurant training schedules and other related activities.

  • To perform the given task and secondary duties and responsibilities   assigned.

  • To respond to any changes in your role as it was implemented by the company.

  • To maintain positive and motivated attitude at all times.

  • To have a full understanding in Operations manual regarding company policies and regulation.

  • Conduct all other duties required in the similar field/requested by line manager


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