Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Payroll Supervisor

Employer:International Group For Modern Coating
Job Title: Payroll Supervisor
Job Type: Full Time
Languages: Arabic, English
Location: Alexandria
Category: Human Resources

Job Description:-

  • Implement the management policies and procedures established and approved by the Director of Administration and monitor their implementation on a permanent basis. It also makes the necessary suggestions and recommendations for making any amendments or facilities in the human resources sector policies and procedures related to wages and benefits according to business requirements.
  • Oversees the proper application of the wage and salary structure, participates in the periodic updating of the salary scale to match the level of salaries in the market and increases the cost of living, and participates in the preparation of a budget reflecting the cost of salary adjustment.
  • Oversees the conduct of salary and salary survey studies to compare the salaries of existing positions in the company with those in the market, examines and analyzes results and identifies deviations.
  • Following up the implementation of any updates or adjustments in the structure of wages and salaries in coordination with the personnel affairs to implement them on time.
  • Ensures the efficiency of the benefits and services provided to the employees of the company, examines the possibility of improving the existing benefits, providing new services and estimating the related costs, and prepares reports containing the appropriate proposals.
  • Oversees the process of measuring employee satisfaction with current wages and benefits, and proposes corrective action to retain employees and reduce turnover.
  • Participates in the implementation of the performance appraisal system for the staff according to the plan and sends it to the training and development department to determine the training needs of different sectors.
  • Reports of the benefits and wages section of the salary adjustments, the benefits offered to employees
  • Education: Bachelor degree
  • Certificates: HR Diploma is a must
  • Experience: 5 years' experience and "2 years in same position"
  • Residency: Alexandria "Preferred"
  • Skills: Impressive communication skills, high leadership skills and initiative to achieve success and improve team skills.
Experience:More than 5 years
Salary: Confidential

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