Wednesday, October 9, 2019

HRBP MENAT & Africa - Dubai

Employer:Kraft Heinz
Job Title: HRBP MENAT & Africa - Dubai
Job Type: Full Time
Languages: Arabic, English
Location: Dubai ,United Arab Emirates
Category: Human Resources , Legal

In brief, you will be responsible for;

  • Understanding Business and Human Capital Strategy, defining HR KPIs and components of the HR Strategy
  • Identifying the development gaps of our employees, propose training solutions and support business needs, through Skill Matrix and Functional Training Programs
  • Maintaining employee engagement activities
  • Detecting the basic gaps in work environment, developing action plans to close these gaps, ensuring effective communication and recognizing/motivating our team
  • Working together with Central Talent Acquisition, supporting in recruitment and selection for the organization and establishing Induction & On boarding strategies
  • Stakeholder management

Hard Skills

  • Degree in Business Administration, Psychology, Economics, Law
  • 7 years of experience as HR Generalist
  • A high degree of familiarity and practice of IT skills related to use of Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel
  • A strong command over oral and written Business English with an ability to understand and communicate clearly and effectively

Professional Attributes

  • Communication Skills
  • At Kraft Heinz you’ll easily be exposed to senior management, no matter your level. Therefore, it’s important you have excellent communication skills, to deal with all kinds of different stakeholders.
  • Curiosity, positivity & enthusiasm
  • You’re curious, positive and enthusiastic. People know you as the driver of the team.
  • Project management skills
  • Time management has no secrets for you. You’re organized, structured and always have an overview of all the deliverable. You know how to bring multiple projects to a successful ending within the given time frame
  • Networking skills
  • You’re able to be interesting and interested in business conversations, motivating people to want to be in your network. The stronger the network you have, the more easily you can get things done. You, highly aware of that, are constantly expending your network.
  • Team player
  • Achieving results is nice, but achieving results with the team is simply the best. You’re a team player, which means you’re sometimes a leader, sometimes a follower but always working towards the same common goal together with your teammates.
Experience:More than 7 years
Salary: Confidential

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