Wednesday, October 9, 2019

General Ledger Accountant

Job Title:General Ledger Accountant
Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Job Type:Unspecified
Category:Finance, S&P, Accounting
Description: Responsibilities:
While a general ledger accountant’s day-to-day duties and responsibilities are determined by where they work, there are many core tasks associated with the role. Based on our analysis of job listings, these include:
Ensure Data Accuracy
General ledger accountants check that data is accurate. They conduct audits to maintain truthful and precise data in documents.
Analyze Financial Information
Analyzing and interpreting financial information, general ledger accountants provide assurance that information complies with professional and regulatory standards. They ensure that data supports budgeting and forecasting requirements, and they provide solutions to control issues.
Support Monthly and Annual Close Processes
At the end of the month or year, general ledger accountants record information such as accrual, deferral, reclass, and interdepartmental entries into the company’s accounting ledger. They perform account analysis to make sure that entries and balances are correct.
Reconcile Accounts
On a regular basis, general ledger accountants reconcile accounts with the general ledger. They ensure that all entries are accurate and that transactions are reported in accordance with accounting standards and government regulations. When they find errors, they make changes as necessary.
Prepare Journal Entries
With appropriate supporting documentation, general ledger accountants prepare journal entries relating to amortization, depreciation, accruals, and a variety of other information. They ensure that entries align with generally accepted accounting principles.

Qualifications:Skills and Qualifications
Problem-solving skills – with strong problem-solving skills, general ledger accountants analyze data and search for inconsistencies, then reconcile inconsistencies and devise solutions to errors
Accounting functions – general ledger accountants have knowledge of technical accounting functions and are experienced in financial record keeping and bookkeeping
Math skills – since they work with financial documents, general ledger accountants frequently use math to calculate data and ensure that information is correct. They are experienced working with numbers and making calculations with minimal errors
Auditing experience – auditing financial statements and documents requires a strong eye for errors and inconsistencies. General ledger accountants correct mistakes as necessary and are comfortable interpreting the accuracy of financial documents
Communication skills – general ledger accountants use great verbal and written communication skills to interact effectively with workers of all levels throughout the company
Experience:Min: 2

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