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Employer:Ventures Middle East
Job Title:Consultants
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Job Type:Full Time Employee
Category:operations, Strategy Work, Marketing
Description: Consultants are assigned to one or more engagements at a time, and are asked to take on a broader role within the project team. Consultants can be assigned to clients in different regions and for various timeframes. At the consultant level, employees start to prepare for project leadership roles by leading key modules of the projects. Consultants are also responsible for converting their expertise and experience into intellectual capital that build on the firm's consulting methodology.
Leading a work stream or project module according to the area of their expertise 
Identifying the analysis required and defining the approach to solve client challenges within the context of the project 
Defining an approach for the work stream aligned with the overall project framework 
Designing and developing solutions for the business challenges identified in the project 
Conducting client interviews or workshops at managerial levels 
Managing the client relationship for the work stream under the consultant's responsibility 
Deriving business insight, conclusions and sound recommendations from client interviews and overall analysis 
Preparing client-ready deliverables and/or presentations by actively leading a work stream 
Developing intellectual capital that results from the project 
Participating in business development efforts through content preparation and delivery on client proposals.

Qualifications:Excellent communication & presentation skills
Well-versed in MS Office or other applications. 
Education:Bachelor's degree / higher diploma
Experience:Min: 2 Max: 5

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