Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Diving Inspector

Job Title:Diving Inspector
Location: Tabouk, Saudi Arabia
Job Type:
Category:civil engineer
Description: -Have an in-depth working knowledge of diving modes, manuals, standards and specifications being imposed by Jacobs at the construction site, including all equipment used in diving operations.
-Assist the Resident Engineer to review the contractor’s proposed dive plan and associated method statements for the review and satisfaction of Jacobs, ahead of any diving operations commencing
-Assist the Resident Engineer in preparing the Jacobs dive plan, method statement and HSE information for activities where inspection works require diving.
-Ensure compliance with Jacobs ‘Diving Absolutes’.
-Monitor the Contractor against the approved dive plan and method statements and report any deviations.
-Immediately report any unsafe conditions to the Diving Operations Supervisor/Resident Engineer.
Be proactively responsible for Health and Safety around the diving operations.
-Challenge the contractor on any issues relating the health and safety.
-Promote good HSE practice at the site and lead by example.
-Be empowered to request the immediate cessation of the diving operation should he feel any issues relating to health and safety are concerned.
-Detailed knowledge of maritime engineering construction methods and practices.
-Inspection of the underwater civil engineering works through diving (or preferably non-diving alternative).
-Inspections are to monitor that the Works are being constructed in accordance with the approved drawings and specifications. Prepare inspection records and non-compliance reports as necessary.
-Ensure that all equipment is operating properly prior to the start of each inspection dive and report any equipment malfunctions, or variances, to the Diving Operations Supervisor/Resident Engineer.
-Maintain an up-to-date personal dive log.
-When not diving, perform a normal land based civil engineering Inspector of Works role.
Qualifications:-Diploma in Civil Engineering
-Hold a valid commercial diver certification card for the appropriate training level. In addition, each dive team member must meet the following requirements:
-Current certifications in both first aid and CPR, as well as emergency oxygen administration for diving injuries
-Maintain a good physical condition so as to meet or exceed the physical requirements imposed during diving operations

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