Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Retail operation managers

Job Title:Retail operation managers
Job Type:Full time
Education:Bachelor's Degree
Location:EGYPT - Cairo
Category:Operations, Expansion
    Here is a job description example for the role of retail operations manager; it shows the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities of the position at most firms:
     Direct and supervise retail staff across several retail outlets to ensure they meet set objectives
     Provide training to retail employees to develop their skills and enhance their job performance
     Ensure compliance with company policies and procedures
     Provide solutions that address performance issues in a timely and effective manner
     Monitor the activities of the customer service department of retail outlets to ensure a satisfied clientele
     Contact store managers and other retail staff to communicate relevant information
     Mentor and motivate sales staff to put in their best in order to achieve financial goals
     Develop and implement budget and plans for retail operations
     Visit retail establishments to ensure efficient and effective management as well as high performance sales
     Develop policies for the merchandising of goods in retail stores
     Monitor inventory levels to determine the need for stock supply at each retail outlet
     Set and regulate product pricing using results of market and demand analysis
     Ensure compliance with health/safety policies and procedures at retail sites
     Listen to customer complaints to address & resolve their issues
     Evaluate operational and financial records to determine sales performance of a retail store.
    If you are interested in the job of a retail operations manager, here are the requirements you may need to fulfill to be accepted for the job by most firms:
     Education and Training: To become a retail operations manager, you require a Bachelor’s degree in business management, business administration, business studies, or in a similar field. Experience in retail sales and customer service is also required for this position.
     Organizational Skills: Retail operations managers are able to coordinate sales operations across a retail chain.
     Accounting Skills: They are well versed in reviewing and evaluating sales records and financial statements.
     Communication Skills: They are proficient in interacting with store managers and retail staff to communicate information relevant to sales

    Medical + Life + Social Insurance
Experience:4 - 10

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