Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Quality Manager

Employer:Evergrow for Specialist Fertilizers
Job Title:Quality Manager
Vacancy Deadline(mm/dd/yy):5/1/2018
Category:Quality Assurance, Quality Control
Job Type:Full Time
Job Level:Managerial
Description:Main responsibilities 1. Direct and control the staff of the quality department to ensure that they are well motivated and receive all necessary training and development to enable them to carry out their responsibilities to the required standards. 2. Develop strategies and processes to ensure that total quality is promoted throughout the company. 3. Develop processes and procedures to ensure that there is continuous improvement in all company operations and that waste is kept to a minimum. 4. Act as the companys expert on quality management and provide any necessary training and advice to managers and staff to ensure that they pursue the objectives of total quality management and continuous improvement. 5. Develop quality targets and measures for all company operations and monitor the performance of the company against these. 6. Provide advice and guidance to the company, its managers and staff on any regulatory aspects of total quality management. 7. Undertake all necessary research to keep abreast of developments in the fields of total quality management and continuous improvement to ensure that the company maintains its competitive position. 8. Control all departmental budgets and resources to ensure that these operate cost-effectively and in accordance with quality standards. 9.Knowledge, skills and experience required
Qualifications:The job requires: a degree or relevant professional qualification; at least 10 years experience in total quality management; significant managerial experience; substantial knowledge of quality improvement techniques; excellent interpersonal skills; problem-solving skills.
Experience:10-15 Years.
Other Skills:Main purpose of job To lead in the development of strategies and processes to ensure that product quality and customer satisfaction are maintained and that there is the continuous improvement of products, processes and services.
Comments:workplace : EverGrow For Specialty Fertilizers

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