Sunday, April 15, 2018

Planning Manager

Job Title:Planning Manager
Vacancy Deadline(mm/dd/yy):4/30/2018
Languages:English Arabic
Category:Supply Chain, Planning
Job Type:Full Time
Job Level:Managerial
Description:-Monitors a department or projects budget, inventory, and production schedule. Maintains optimally efficient inventory of production materials. Creates planning studies and generates reports about new programs, plans, and regulations. Reviews development proposals to ensure compliance with codes and regulations. Manages all general planning issues for a department or project. -Supervises requirements planning for department, division, project, or organization -Prepares proposals and site plans in conformance with codes and local and national regulations -Handles rezoning, site plans, special-use permits, and related materials -Gathers relevant statistical data and drafts reports on issues such as demographic information, occupancy rates, and land use
Qualifications:Bachelor of Engineering Mechanical /Production/Mechatronics. Able to go Sadat city. Experience at least 7 years in the field of home appliances
Experience:6 - 9 Years.
Other Skills:Computer skills. Planning skills. negotiation skills. communication skills.
Comments:Please attach your recent photo with CV. our factory is in sadat city

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