Sunday, April 15, 2018

Logistics Supervisor

Job Title:Logistics Supervisor
Vacancy Deadline(mm/dd/yy):5/15/2018
Languages:English, Excellent
Job Type:Full Time
Job Level:Managerial
Description:*Ensure effective and timely implementation of all Logistics daily operational goals inclusive of Shipping functions and Inventory Management. * Develop and initiate monthly reports , corporate metrics and productivity measurements. *Lead training, hiring, career development and enrichment of all department associates. *Support inventory management consisting of reconciling and maintaining of finished goods inventory *Establish and manage relations with warehouses, ocean carriers, customs broker, drayage providers, sales force and customers. *Analyze and log purchase orders commensurate to existing stock availability and reduce shipping cost. *Oversee and monitor availability of stock to reduce shortages. *Negotiate and support logistics costs meant for 3rd party logistics providers assisting yearly budget goals. *Ensure to process orders and on-time delivery by network of courier companies and warehouses. *Plan and arrange logistics required shipments. *Support simplification and standardization of processes to accelerate logistics and enhance efficiencies. *Identify enhancement opportunities and suggest solutions for improvement to top management. *Head team to develop, articulate and maintain logistic process documentation.
Qualifications:Ability to communicate effectively interdepartmentally, and externally with vendors, freight companies, and others. - Ability to respond effectively and in a timely manner to departmental needs, focusing on customer service. - Ability to compile reports and compose general business correspondence.
Experience:6 - 9 Years.

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